Los Angeles

The City of Angels

Los Angeles

LA, the largest city in California, is the entertainment capital of the world. Everyone's heard of it but have you all truly experienced it? If you're thousands of miles away, maybe in Massachusetts, here is probably the closest you'll get to the true LA lifestyle. Sunshine almost all year long as it hasn't snowed since the rare occurrence in 2007. Shorts paired with Uggs. Snow jackets when it dips below 70. Selfie galore. And absolutely everyone and everything going to chaos when it rains. But it's not all insane, trust me! As an Angelino myself LA is never not entertaining as it is filled with arts and a diverse and entertaining culture.



Also known as Tinseltown, Hollywood is a district within Los Angeles. Hollywood is known to be a definite tourist destination but there is more history behind it than just the stars on the street and celebrity sightings. Hollywood was created as a subdivision in 1887 by a prohibitionist from Kansas, Harvey Wilcox. Wilcox’s wife, Daeida, was actually the one who came up with the name “Hollywood” as she heard it repeated on a train ride. She knew that was the perfect name for such a utopian type place. The sign was then built in 1923 and read “Hollywoodland” as it was advertising real-estate in the area. Then in 1949 the H in the name fell over and when it was rebuilt it only read “Hollywood.”

While the history is fascinating, so is the glamor galore. Hollywood screams money, power, and star quality. So many move to Hollywood in hopes their dreams of being in the movies will finally come true. But it can also be seen as a soul crushing business as Hollywood is home to various famous television and movie studios and record companies just ready to groom their next star. If you ever find yourself on the streets of Hollywood you might just see a premiere with a red carpet in place or a jump scare from the many characters that show up for a buck on the sidewalks.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach

LA has many entertaining and wondrous stops ,so if you decide to explore LA, Venice Beach better be on the list. The water is not the only interesting part about it. It is the eccentric boardwalk that makes for a memorable trip every time. Venice Beach is full of crafty people and more merchandise than you thought possible. Vendors are lined up all throughout the walk. You'll find interesting art work, figurines made out of car parts, and yummy treats. There is also muscle beach right on the sidewalk where you can find body builders as large as the hulk working out. It will never fail to be a fun time as it is Southern California's ultimate "Playground."


In 'N Out

Los Angeles is known of course to have all kinds wonderful food but one meal in particular has people lining up out side its Drive Thru everyday. While LA is known for its slow and exhausting traffic no one seems to mind slowing to a very long halt for In 'N Out. The restaurant is so popular the line goes for miles. The great part is that are in and out a lot faster than you'd think. The employees also time themselves for every meal made and try to beat that time again and again.

In 'N Out Burger is the prime spot. The food is fantastic and so is the price. In 'N Out was created in 1948 by Harry Snyder. The first one to open was in Baldwin Park, California. It is a family owned non franchised company. The restaurant now has 334 locations in only six states as it is exclusive. The restaurants is noted for their double crossing palm trees at every location.

The fast food joint is also know for their not-so-secret secret menu, along with beefy burgers, and thick shakes. But there is one thing that leaves customers in question. What is in their secret sauce, "The Spread?" Many believe it is some sort of Thousand Island Dressing concoction but no ones really knows as In 'N Out does not list the ingredients anywhere. So it still remains a mystery, a quite delicious one.


Fun Facts

In 2010, an April Fools’ prank was played on New Yorkers by convincing them that In-N-Out was opening a location in the city. The city would have been in celebration but the restaurant has a strict policy on not opening locations more than 500 miles from corporate.

The name was created when the owners of the restaurant wanted customers to be able to get their food while not having to park so they could pop in and out.

In'N Out and McDonald's were created within the same year.

Today the restaurant's worth estimates to be about $600 million. While the family has a net worth of $3.6 billion.