Austin, Texas

A city beloved for film, live music, and food.

Greetings From Austin Mural

"Live Music Capitol of the World"

Austin, Texas is known as the "live music capitol of the world." It has a history linked with blues rock. Guitar legends like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Gary Clark Jr. emerged from Austin. Today, music of all styles gets played every night in Austin's music venues. 6th street (pictured below) features tons of bars with a local band performing in each and every one of them. Live music also permeated other areas, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and even the airport featuring bands playing as travelers walked through the terminal.

6th Street During South By Southwest

6th Street

One of the first music venues on 6th Street was Antones, pictured below. It was owned by Clifford Antone. Lots of rockstars performed here in the 70s and 80s before they started playing stadiums. It also served as a place for young musicians to grow as they took the stage through programs like School of Rock and Austin School of Music. This blues club heavily influenced the Austin music scene, and it's an important part of what made Austin special. The image below shows the stage and the iconic red "antone's" logo mounted above the drum kit.

Antones Stage


When considering the Austin cuisine, there’s never just one single food that stands out. The city is famous for its Tex-Mex food, Texas barbecue, local food trucks, even ice cream. This webpage will focus on the Tex-Mex. This cuisine is similar to Mexican food, but includes some additional ingredients more heavily. The main focus would be including much more cheese than authentic Mexican food. We can see this in quesadillas and enchiladas. Flour tortillas and the beef are also more commonly used in Tex-Mex than in Mexican dishes.

Chuy's: A Tex-Mex Chain Originally From Austin

Chuy's Sign

Sign Outside Chuy's Parking Lot

Chuy's is an excellent introduction to Tex-Mex cuisine and Austin's vibe. It looks like the 1950s, decorated floor to ceiling with vinyl records, photos, car parts, Elvis Presley memorabilia, license plates, vintage microphones, aquatic life, and circular tables and booths that look like they belong in a retro diner. There is a claw-machine game in the corner, a create-your-own chips and salsa bar, and a menu full of delicious food. You can choose from their selection of tacos, oven roasted burritos and enchiladas, fajitas, or a combination! And nothing improves a cold rainy day better than ordering their warm chips and queso appetizer. By bringing your tastebuds here, you will treat them to some wonderful flavors.

Chuy's Interior

Chuy's Interior


Fajitas are served deconstructed. You receive a plate of warm tortillas and a sizzling platter of grilled colorful bell peppers, caramelized onions, and a choice of chicken or steak, and a selection of toppings like cheese, lettuce, and tomatos. Then you get a chance to build it up any way you like it! For example, you can start with a bottom layer of cheese so that it melts under the grilled peppers, or you can add a bottom layer of guacamole to get the perfect amount of guac in every bite.

You can also make fajitas at home. You need tortillas, sweet bell peppers, onions, protein of choice, garlic, texican spices, lime zest, and the secret ingredient 'love' is a must!

Chuy's Sizzling Fajitas

Chuy's Sizzling Platter of Fajitas

Keep Austin Weird

Austin was one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. This inevitably caused gentrification, but it also caused hardship for all of the really cool local restaurants and music venues. To resist these changes and promote all the small unique places that make Austin special, Austinites adopted the slogan: "Keep Austin Weird." Keeping it weird means keeping all the quirks that make Austin cool. Anyone who has lived in Austin before the 2010s has experienced losing their favorite spot to hang out to a bland and boring chain. There's always something meaningful about unique places run by individuals who truly care about music, their family recipe, or whatever they're passionate about. Wherever you are, you'll find a lot of value in promoting the folks around you. Keep Austin (and every city for that matter) Weird!!

Keep Austin Weird