Polly Nguyen

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Polly Nguyen
Class of 2021
International Relations and Economics

Short Bio

My name is Polly Nguyen.
I grew up in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and I move to Boston in 2017 to attend Boston University.
I majored in International Relations and Economics, and I will be graduating this May.

Activities and Interests

Interests/Activities Image Description Links
Reading I often spend time reading novels or stories, and my genres choice changes often. I used to buy physical books, but now rely on my Kindle or other online platforms to find new things to read. Here are some links to buy/find books:
  • Goodreads gives good recommendations on new books to read.
  • Amazon.com is a reliable source to find/buy new books.
  • BU Book Club is a good place to find friends and book selections to read.
  • Hiking I have some family members living in California, so I often spend my summer and winter breaks visiting them. During my stay, we often went hiking through some nearby trails such as Big Sur. I don't do this activity in Boston because I can't drive and I'm not familiar with the nearby trails. My family and I often used Alltrails to find new hiking trails or to read reviews on popular spots. BU also have the BU Outing Club that students can use to find hiking partners.
    Playing Video Games I usually play games when I cannot find new books to read. I first got interested in playing games through Pokemon, so I usually choose games that are similar to that genre. I recently bought a Switch, so now I have a portable console that I can use to play the newest games. BU Gaming Club is a good club to find fellow students who enjoy games of all types.
    Cooking Since I live off-campus, I usually cook most of my meals. The time and interest I have for cooking have definitely increased during quarantine, and I usually make familiar or traditional dishes that I grew up on. I often ask my family for recipes or use Allrecipes to find recipes online. Thrive Market is a good organization to look for grocery subscription and delivery.