Alexander (Raul) Toro

Alexander Toro
Class of 2021
Major: Computer Science

Short bio

Studying computer science, and wanted to learn more about html before I graduate.
Grew up in South London until Fall of 2017 when I came to BU which was my first
time being outside of Europe for an extended period of time. I'm studying Computer
Science because I've always found the problem solving aspect of CS interesting.

Activities and Interests


I've been practicing archery for almost 6 years now and although I have not done
much of it in recent. It is one of my favourites pastimes that involve going
outside, improving in Archery is one of the most rewarding feelings.

This was the show that originally got me interested in archery.
The governing body for Archery in Great Britian

PC Building/Gaming

One of the interest I've taken up in recent is PC building, which as it sounds is taking PC parts and
building a computer with them. I've only built four PCs in the little over 2 years since I got in the
hobby but I'm hoping to build more down the line.

Photo of my very first PC build back in June of 2019. I ended up spending a good chunk of my free time
this summer playing games after I would get back from my internship.
The Linus Tech Tips Youtube Channel

Building Keyboards

Another interest that I took up even more recent than that of PC building was the hobby of keyboards.
This hobby goes from just buying custom made keycaps for my keyboard, to actually sourcing the key
switches and adding lube, and then assembling the parts like the PCB, the case, etc into a
keyboard that fit my liking.

Photo of me after assembling my most recent keyboard, with a photo of a different keyboard behind it
where I removed all the keycaps
The Mechanical Keyboards Subreddit