Renata Halim

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Name: Renata Halim
Class Year: 2022
Major: Business

Short Bio

I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia.
In BU, I am concentrating in both Finance and Management Information Systems.

Activities and Interests

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I have ridden horses since a young age, but have never competed professionally. All throughout elementary to middle school, I used to do dressage. But, throughout high school, I learned a little bit of polo.

In Jakarta, I used to ride with both JPEC Sentul and Nusantara Polo Club.


I am very introverted by nature and am at often times thinking. Therefore, I recently decided to "think productively" and aim to read at least 2 books every month.

The last two books that I have read last month is The Power of Now and Factfulness. You can check them out on Amazon!


I love to travel with friends and family. With family, I would often shop, try good restaurants, and go sightseeing. With friends, I often get a little more adventurous.

For example, a couple years ago, my friends and I went to Thailand and went island-hopping. For island hopping, we booked our trip online at this website.