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a tree with the words 'the leaves that are left yellow and fragile with light the beauty of life' written next to it

The Secret of the Garden

by Naomi Peterson

Chapter 2: The Butterfly Kingdom

"Mari was thrown into a lake. When she swam back up to the surface she saw gardens surrounding the lake. Strangely, there were tiny toadstool houses far too small for her to fit inside and lots and lots of butterflies."


by Rachel Shiryayeva

Chapter 1: Polly and David

"The first week of fourth grade was unwinding in such a way Polly was beginning to feel cozy in nice Mrs. Marlowe’s rainbow-cluttered classroom, but at the same time there was just a whiff of blandness in the air; Polly hoped something out of the ordinary would happen. Something just a little different, to not say unusual."


by Leah Peterson

Chapter 4

"Immediately after my tenth birthday I expected to meet the team of Guards I would be joining, but Edward and Blaise didn’t seem to be in any rush. If they noticed my long sighs or increase in pacing, they didn’t comment on it. So it felt like it came out of the blue one morning when I sat down to my first lesson and Blaise told me to return to my room and put on my uniform. I practically leapt out of my chair in my excitement, sending it flying as I dashed down the hall, with Blaise’s cheerful laughter following at my heels."

Leah's Journal

by Leah Peterson

"I woke up early because I didn't know what time the movers were coming."

girl waking up

The Life and Times of Rascallion Raccoon

by Rachel Shiryayeva

Chapter 1: The Introduction of Self (Rascal) and Edison

"This is a book written by me, Rascallion Ricardo Raccoon (nickname: Rascal). While it might be nice to have a biographer, nobody has come to me about writing my story, so I figure, at the ripe old age of eight and three-quarters, I had better just go ahead and write my story myself, before it's too late. Honest word, the only bucket I want to kick is the garbage pail, and that habit I have practically given up, thanks to the good influence of my new best friend Edison. (Stay tuned, and you'll hear about him very soon.)"

My Neighbor Rusty

by Rachel Shiryayeva

Issues 9 and 10

"Rusty and I were dancing our Happy Dance because at long last our parents allowed us to buy something from the ice cream truck."

Vol. 6 Thanksgiving

Letter from the Editor

by Ronia Peterson

Pen and Paint has historically been exclusively created by and for the extended Peterson family and friends. Initially started as a summer quarantine project by Naomi Peterson, it has expanded and evolved over time.

Starting now and going forward, I am excited to announce that Pen and Paint will be an online publication, rather than a digital PDF. My hope is that this format will both streamline the process and allow for improved accessibility.

Thank you to everyone that has submitted and continues to support the magazine. I hope you enjoy this issue.

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