Ryan Yu

email: ryu1@bu.edu

I am currently a PhD candidate in the computer science division at Boston University under Peter Chin. Prior to this, I studied at Colgate University, where I graduated in 2018 with a double major in computer science and neuroscience. My current research interests include signal proccessing and biologically plausible machine learning.


Research Interests:

My research experience heavily focused on attempgint to proccess brain signals to influence a brain computer interface (BCI).


CS 585 - Computer Vision (Margrit Betke). Spring 2021 (Current). Teaching Assistant

CS 591 - Deep Learning (Peter Chin). Summer 2020. Teaching Assistant

CS 542 - Machine Learning (Peter Chin). Spring 2020. Teaching Assistant

CS 112 - Introduction to Computer Science II (Christine Papadakis-Kenaris). Spring 2019. Teaching Assistant