Qingdao View


Qingdao is an important economic center and port city on the east coast of China, a national historical and cultural city, and a scenic tourist attraction. Typical European-style buildings, forming this beautiful coastal city with unique characteristics of western design, makes Qingdao known as “Eastern Switzerland".

Wuhan View


Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province in China, is a place where you can taste all kinds of cuisines and feel the vigorous atmosphere of fastly growing economies. The motto of Wuhan is "Wuhan, Different Everyday!" It is divided by Asia's largest river and is the largest and most populous city in China.

Beijing View


Beijing, the capital of China, is a must-visit city for tourists in China. Here you can experience the fast pace of life, the enthusiastic Beijingers, and a variety of food and snacks. The pronunciation of adding 'r' after words is characteristic of Beijing dialect.

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