Get to know Sabrina Tesalona!

Short Bio.

I am a current junior in the Questrom School of Business studying Marketing and Management Information Systems. I am also originally from West Palm Beach, Florida.
In my spare time, you can catch me exploring Boston whether it be walking along the esplanade, having a picnic with friends, or going out to eat at some of my favorite restaurants like BBQ Chicken or Barcelona Wine Bar!

Who am I?

This is me! About Me
Sabrina Tesalona

Class of 2022 in the Questrom School of Business majoring in Business Admin and Management with concentrations in Marketing and MIS.

Activities and Interests

District One -- A Filipino Intercollegiate Organization in the Greater New England area District One of FIND, Inc. is a collegiate organization dedicated to promoting awareness of issues pertaining to Filipinos nationwide within the community.

Currently, I am one of the Public Relations Officers for the executive board this year, but I was previously the Service chair for last year's eboard.

Cooking Cooking has always been a passion of mine, and since I am fortunate enough to live in my own apartment this year, I have tons of opportunities to cook and try out different recipes.

Recently, I have been cooking a lot of Italian cuisines, but I can also cook some Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes as well. This is a Filipino dish I like to cook often, where it is tapas with garlic rice and tomatoes and cucumbers.

Film Doodles I have always liked to carry a disposable camera around and take pictures of places I've traveled to and friends that I've made.

However, over quarantine, I combined my interests in film photography with doodling and that's seemed to make a lot of people happy.