Satchit Sivakumar

PhD Student
Computer Science, Boston University

A pre-pandemic happy picture from before I transformed into an animal crossing character.

About Me

I am a 1st year CS PhD student at Boston University, where I am advised by Mark Bun. I'm broadly interested in Theory, with a special focus on Differential Privacy and Learning Theory.

Previously, I did a Master's in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor's in Electronics and Communication Engineering at SSN College of Engineering in Chennai.


Multiclass versus Binary Differentially Private PAC Learning

with Mark Bun and Marco Gaboardi. Manuscript in preparation.

Differentially Private Sampling from Distributions

with Sofya Raskhodnikova, Adam Smith and Marika Swanberg. Manuscript in preparation.


  • Teaching assistant, Grad Algorithms- CS6515, Spring 2019, Georgia Tech
  • Teaching assistant, Undergrad Algorithms- CS3510, Fall 2019, Georgia Tech
  • Teaching assistant, Applied Cryptography- CS6230 (for Online Master's students), Spring 2020, Georgia Tech


Date Location Title
November 2020 Boston University Theory Seminar Survey of results on Perfect Sampling of k-Colorings