Spyridon Braoudakis, PhD, 1994.

Spyridon Braoudakis

Computer Science Department
Boston University

Spyros Braoudakis completed his Ph.D. Thesis in the summer of 1994, under Prof. Azer Bestavros. His research work was on Concurrency Control Protocols for Real-Time Databases. In his thesis, Spyros investigated several issues related to Speculative Concurrency Control, including a formal proof of correctness, complexity analysis, and heuristics to make speculation practical. Also, he was part of the real-time research team that conducted extensive simulations of various real-time concurrency control protocols---a study that confirmed the superiority of speculative concurrency control. Spyros is now in Greece, serving in its army. Thereafter he is expecting to work for a telecommunication company.

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