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I am a graduate student specializing in Artificial Intelligence. My goal is to update my skill set with the tools necessary for “Our New Electricity” – a phrase used by Venture Capitalists in AI. It is thought to be as monumental as the Industrial Revolution.

Image & Video Computing Project

I'm engrossed this semester in an Image & Video Computing class. It's about how robots perceive, autonomous cars drive and instructs us on how to modify pixel data.

Below is an image of myself represented in pixels or color dots. I took it with my Android, called it in to Python 3. I employed a Python library to allow python to comprehend it and display it here:

Then, I used color weights applied at varying levels across the Red/Green/Blue spectum and a different Python library to shift my picture to gray scale. I seems easy since your phone does it so rapidly, but someone wrote that program too!

Since my professors appreciate creativity, I used a mask of values over an entire array of pixel values to invert the light and dark in the image. Now, I need Botox and to bleach my roots. I had hoped for a DIY face-lift!