Su Hwan "Sean" Kim

Su Hwan "Sean" Kim
Class of 2021
Majoring in Public Relations
Minoring in Computer Science

Short Bio

Sean grew up in the Seoul, South Korea.
Sean is currently majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Computer Science.

Activities and Interests

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I've always loved coffee, not only drinking but also making one. So, when I was in the army, I studied coffee thoroughly and got a Barista certification. It was a fun experience in the army.
Specialty Coffee Expo

Rap Music

I always loved rap music since I was 15. Also, I wanted to be a rapper once. Therefore, I always listened and made music. I have two mixtapes that I made. Now, rap music is just a hobby for me, but it was my spark once.


I played golf since I was 14. I was actually pretty good so I was offered to be a highschool golf player from a school in Minnesota. The school was making a golf team with a previous PGA Tour golfer.
PGA Tour