Serra Jung

Serra Jung, Class of 2021, Computer Science

Short Bio

I grew up in Northern California (Palo Alto, CA). I've actually lived there exactly 10 years and I've also lived in South Korea about 7 years during my elementary school years. I was actually majoring in business and changed it to my current major: computer science.

Activities and Interests

Image Description Organizations
I used to dance in a dance team called Fusion Hip Hop Dance troupe in BU and I used to be in a dance team called YSC based on Northern California. I haven't been in a professional dance team in a while as dance couldn't be one of my priorities in college. However, I still love dancing and it's truly been one of my consistent/longest hobby in my life. Green Street Studio
I love traveling and taking photos and it is just one of the ways for me to relax and feel peace. I've never learned professional photography or anything, but this is just one of my hobbies that I truly enjoy. instagram
As I was changing my major to computer science, I got more invovled with career related clubs and I tried to go to few hackathons to see how it's like to be in this industry. This is just my website I've made last year. WICS