About Me

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My name is Sid Steinberg. I am majoring in Information Systems and am graduating in the class of 2021.

Short Bio

I am a senior in the Boston University Questrom School of Business. I grew up in Los Angeles and decided to go across the country for school because I wanted to experience life on both coasts. I have professional experience in virtual reality, E-commerce, healthcare technology, and investment banking. I am skilled at marketing, product development, data analysis, and business development.

Activities and Interests

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I have always loved hiking and experiencing the outdoors because it allows me to connect with nature. Having grown up in a city, hiking also serves as a great change of pace for my everyday life. The picture shown to the left is of me on a hike in Kauai.
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Another passion of mine is traveling. I have been fortunate enough to travel to a good number of countries across the world and have a lot of family that lives in Israel. I really enjoy learning about new cultures and taking in different perspectives on life.
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Since high school, I have been an avid NFL fan. I played one year of football but have always had a passion for the sport and enjoy watching the games on Sundays. I root for the Chargers.
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