From childhood to present

About me


I was born in June 4th, 1996, raised in Seoul, South Korea until I came to United States at the age of 16. During the childhood, I was a member of choir, consists of 10 boys. It was one of most special memory, because our team went on the competition hosted by TV show, and placed on the second place.

Coming to United States

Unlike other international students who plan ahead before making decision to study abroad, I never thought of leaving my home until our family got a call from U.S emassy that we are the next candidate to apply for the U.S. green card. Although my parents end up not applying for the green card, they wanted me to study abroad at US for better experience and education. Few months later, I went to high school in Kansas City, and I can tell that it was one of the best time I had. After Freshmen year, I transferred to school in Boston to live in the urban area and get more advantage for the college admission.

Life at BU

When I came to college, I wanted to learn some practical skills that give me special expertise distinct from others. I thought Comp Sci is a good option, and I found myself enjoying to code. After fall semester of 2016, I went back to Korea to serve military service. First I was drafted as a mobile police force, but I applied to become a cook and spent the rest of my service making food for 500 other forces in the base.