Shiyu Zhang

Shiyu Zhang

Class of 2022

Cell Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics (CMG)

Short Bio

My name is Shiyu Zhang, and I grew up in Beijing, China. I am currently a Junior here in BU mojoring in CMG - Cell Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics

Activities and Interests

My Habits Why I love them Link to Website related to my habits
One of my favorate hobbit is to put togather LEGO, since I think it is a very addicting, yet also meditating thing to do. It allows me to let my mind be clear. The subreddit for LEGO is a great place to see how other people have been building their legos.
I also love playing video game, and put togather deskstop pc. It feel extra specical whent the pc is put togather by yourself Here is a forum that I visite quite often about pc building
I also play guitar from time to time, I love playing some music to myself, just to help me relax. I would often go look for new songs on TABS to learn.