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A website that explores how freelance artist Tang Zihan defines the abstract concept of art and showcases her diverse artistic works and experiences.

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What Is Art?

Just as "painting is dead", a startling artistic prediction of that time, has obviously become history today, a century and a half after the birth of photography......

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What challenges art?

After experiencing the impact of various new technologies, new concepts and new thoughts since modernism, painting, the oldest human craft and the most classical art language, which once so magnificently displayed the artistic talents of many great masters in human history, still quietly exists today......

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Tang's Opinion about Art

Zihan thinks artists who really love painting have a passion for color, canvas and studio. They are addicted to shape and color performance is indeed and occasionally, experience the pleasure and satisfaction of heart and hand with the brush, or understatement or thick ink (oil) heavy color, their feelings of life, understanding of life, as well as the complex world of sensitive cognition, repeated pondering after pouring into the picture......

Zihan Tang’s Art Experience

Some people say that art comes from life, others say that art comes from imagination. Tang believes that art, like the source of a river, is often more than one. Like those recognized as a source of the river, the middle and always mixed with the number of heavy rain along the way. If it passes through a certain mountain, there are mountain streams, mountain springs mixed in. But in any case, life is an important source of art, whether you are a romantic artist or a realist artist......

The following is Tang's personal experience with art:

Art Education

Curriculum education in the arts

Art Subject Level Examination

Art Project Grade Examination held by Chinese Artists Association (Certificate issued)

Tang's Global Art Journey

Tang's journey around the world in pursuit of the art in dailylife

An Exhibition of Tang's Artworks

Lists many representative artworks of Tang

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