Tania Hasanpoor, Assignment 1

CAS CS 585 - Image and Video Computing

Juan Manuel Origgi, Saurabh Johri



In order to make a grayscale image, I created a list of all the pixel values for each of the three color channels.
I found the maximum pixel value among all the channels and then assigned the maximum value to all the pixels
in each channel so now each pixel has the same value for each of the three color channels.


In order to blur the image, we had to assign the average value of each pixel along with its eight surrounding neighbors
to every single pixel, meaning that it will form a 3x3 box and we are standing in the center. However, since this is a 3x3
box, when we get to the edges, it does not consider them.


In order to make the outline effect, I made a copy of the image and set all the pixel values for all the color channels to 0,
which makes the whole image black. In order to find the edges, we need to find the Euclidean distance between two
neighboring pixels and compare it to a value. Since we turned the image black, every pixel bigger than our chosen value
would be white, indicating the edges and everything else would remain the same. At the end, we set our outline pixels to 255,
which is white, to be visible on black.