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  • Tilahun Griffith
  • Class of 2021
  • Information Systems and Accounting
  • Short Bio!
    Tilahun Griffith grew up in Addis Ababa Ethiopia until he was 18 years old.

    At that point he graduated highschool to come to Boston University to continue his education

    Now Tilahun is 21 years old and in his senior year of college.

    Interests and activities

    Bingham Academy Highschool Alumni :
    Tilahun went to Bingham Academy in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia
    he is still a proud and active Alumni of the school.
    Click here for Bingham Academy's Webiste
    Soccer :
    Tilahun enjoys to play all sorts of ball games in his free time
    But his personal favorite is soccer.
    You may be able to catch him playing at Nickerson Feild on weekend afternoons in the summer and fall.
    Click here for more info about Nickerson
    Tilahun is an avid reader when ever he gets the chance
    You can keep up with what he is reading on his goodreads account.
    Click here to go to his Goodreads profile