Timothy Liu's Webpage for CS108

CS108 Webpage

Timothy Liu
BU Class of 2024
Biology Major

Short Bio

I was born in Toronto, Canada in 2002 before moving to Queens, NY in 2006. In 2008, my family moved to Long Island. I'm studying biology,
but more specifically, "biology with a specialization in neurobiology."

Activities and Interests

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Swimming has been something I've done since I was 6, and I practiced more than 20 hours every week for years. That didn't make me fast enough for many D3 schools, but it's okay since I'm a nerd. See the image for proof that I was successful only in a relay instead of through my own merits.

Here is a link to one of my club teams.
I've played chess since I was 6 as well, and I got pretty good at it through constant study. I even won some kid tournaments and once won $60 (my peak ELO was ~1400). Then, Minecraft got released. I started to lose interest, and eventually quit lessons. Now, though, it's cool to play chess, so I'm back in it. At least I can still stomp most of my friends! The best chess website is HANDS DOWN lichess.org. chess.com, which shall remain unlinked (because it's bad), is for-profit and not open source. The opposite of lichess.
I got into Minecraft around 4th grade... I now play too many video games. At least I can say that it helped me remain connected with friends during COVID lockdowns. I rarely felt lonely over the summer! Apparently this is a thing, so I talk with these people about games.
I play music (forced into violin lessons as a kid since ~4 years old). But practicing is boring, and I also quit lesssons after a few years because of scheduling conflicts with swim practices. Now, though, I practice occasionally, and I'm also picking up the guitar and piano (but with expectations incredibly low). I did once qualify for some orchestra once which was a cool experience... but I was also 12. I'm no longer good.

Image from Gremer et al.
I've been interested in scientific research for a while now, and I just got a position in a lab for the summer! :D
Also, the source for the image:

Gremer, Lothar, et al. "Fibril structure of amyloid-β (1–42) by cryo–electron microscopy." Science 358.6359 (2017): 116-119.

The BU Research webpage.