Colby Farm's Sunflower Field, Summer 2019

About Me

I am a first year PhD student at Boston University in the Department of Computer Science. I am in the Algorithms and Theory group. Before coming to BU I was a mathematics undergrad over at Northeastern University (Go Huskies!). I graduated in December 2018, and in between starting my PhD and graduating I worked as a data analyst at John Hancock.

My hobbies include baking and playing video games, but when I want to get out of the house I also love exploring and walking around the city. I've spent a lot of time here in Boston and so if you're new to the area and you want to ask for directions feel free to reach out to me!

My office is MCS 117D (but please email me before trying to drop by).

Research Interests

My research interests are Theory of Computation and Optimization Algorithms.

My goal this semester is to narrow the scope of my interests. Stay tuned!

Current Ventures (Spring 2020)

I am a Teaching Fellow for CS 131 (Combinatorial Structures). I am also assisting Professor Bun and Nadya Voronova with CS 332 (Theory of Computation).

Currently I am taking CS531 (Advanced Optimization Algorithms) and CS591 H1 (New Methods in Computation Theory).

Past Ventures

Before coming to BU I was a data analyst at John Hancock. In 2018 I participated in the Coding, Cryptography and Number Theory REU at Clemson University. For a more detailed view of what I've done you can find my CV at the navigation bar at the top of this webpage (last updated January 2020).