If you are interested in some great artwork then please visit www.shard-of-glass.com. It's the new home of Shard of Glass Studios and Karen Stanley Creations. Karen is a good friend of mine, and her mosaic work is amazing. She also teaches classes in the Binghamton, NY area if you are interested in learning to break glass and create your own mosaics. If you would like to get in touch with Karen to join a class, view an exhibit, or purchase artwork please visit the new Shard of Glass Studios Website or email me at trevor@shard-of-glass.com.


This is a placeholder for my official website, but I'm so excited about Karen's work that I wanted to reccommend her site. In the near future I will update this with a resume/C.V. and other information about myself. Thanks for stopping by.


Best Wishes, -Trevor MacDowell



Resources Below:

Shard of Glass Studios: Original Mosaic Creations and other artwork by Karen Stanley

Make sure to check out the gallery with pictures of Karen's artwork, classes and exhibits.