Tomislav Petrović


I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at Boston University.

My research interests are in theoretical computer science.
In my PhD thesis various definitions of randomness are studied (abstract).
Appart from the thesis, I worked as a teaching fellow on various courses and as a research fellow on several projects, most significantly on the MACS project, applying formal methods to verification of cryptographic protocols.

My activities at BU by semester:

Fall 2014: I was awarded Dean's Fellowship.

Spring 2015: I was a research assistant on Automatically Scalable Computation project with professors Appavoo and Homer.

Summer 2015: I was a teaching fellow for Geometric Algorithms course with professor Magee.

Fall 2015: I was a teaching fellow for the Algorithms course with professor Gacs.

Spring 2016: I was a teaching fellow for the Theory of Computation course with professor Levin.

Fall 2016: I was a teaching fellow for Introduction to Computer Science I course with professor Sullivan.

Spring 2017: I was a teaching fellow for Probability in Computing course with professor Ene.

Summer 2017: I was a research fellow at Boston College, working on information theoretic limits on learning stochastic differential equations with professor Bento.

Fall 2017 - Fall 2018: I was a teaching fellow and I prepared some of the course material for the Formal Methods I & II courses with professor Kfoury.

Spring 2019 - Spring 2022: I was a research fellow on the MACS project with professor Stoughton.


A universal pair of 1/2-betting strategies, Information and Computation, Volume 281, 2021, 104703, ISSN 0890-5401

Contact & bio:

email: [my first name]


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