Tomislav Petrović


I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at Boston University.

My research interests are in theoretical computer science, more specifically in algorithmic information theory and algorithmic randomness.
In particular, I'm studying various notions of predictability of strings. For more details look at my (not yet final) thesis proposal.

In Spring 2015, I was a research assistant on Automatically Scalable Computation project with professors Appavoo and Homer.
I made a small contribution by modifying the Chandra-Stockmeyer parallelization algorithm. You can find a short report here.

In Summer 2015, I was a teaching fellow for Geometric Algorithms course with professor Magee.

In Fall 2015, I was a teaching fellow for the Algorithms course with professor Gacs.
He also helped me write a paper on a result I presented at Seventh International Conference on Computability, Complexity and Randomness.
The paper was submitted to the Journal of Symbolic Logic.

In Spring 2016, I was a teaching fellow for Theory of Computation course with professor Levin.

In Fall 2016, I was a teaching fellow for Introduction to Computer Science I course with professor Sullivan.
I also found a solution to the finite version of the open question "Are there infinite strings which are neither predictable nor random?".
(Is Kolmogorov-Loveland randomness equivalent to Martin-Loef randomness?)
I got invited by Bruno Bauwens to present this result at the HSE university in Moscow.

In Spring 2017, I am a teaching fellow for Probability in Computing course with professor Ene.

email: [my first name]