Public Key Cryptography (Spring 2003) course

Instructor: Adi Shamir

Teaching assistant: Eran Tromer

The link given in class is The password is as given there.


Most resources are available [online], though some of the links can be accessed only from within the institute firewall or here (ask me for the password).
For some papers there is a reserved  [photocopy] at the library - request it from the librarian.


Lecture 1: Genesis of public key cryptography

Lecture 2: Knapsacks

Lecture 3: Knapsacks (cont.), computational number theory

Lecture 4: Computational number theory (cont.)

Lecture 5: Computational number theory (cont.)

Lecture 6: Factoring, discerte logs

Lecture 7: Sieve-based factoring algorithms

Lecture 8: More properties of RSA and discrete logs

Lecture 9: RSA and Rabin - efficiency, security, variants.

Lecture 10: Multivariate cryptographic schemes

Lecture 11: DSA, zero-knowledge proofs

Lecture 11:

Lecture 12: Lattices and their applications

Lecture 13: Lattice-based cryptosystems

Lecture 14: Special signature constructions