Public Key Cryptography (Spring 2005) course

Instructor: Adi Shamir

Teaching assistant: Eran Tromer



Most resources are available [online]. The links denoted by (non-free) require a subscription to some web service, but can be accessed through the Weizmann Institute web proxy. The links denoted by (password required)  require the username and password given in class. For some papers there is a reserved  [photocopy] at the library - request it from the librarian.
If none of the above are given and you obtain the paper by other means, please e-mail a copy to the TA or put one in the course mailbox, so the TA will prepare additional copies for the library.


Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Knapsacks

Lecture 3: Incremental hashing, McEliece, computational number theory

Lecture 4: Computational number theory (cont.)

Lecture 5: Discrete log, index calculus algorithms for factoring and discrete log

Lecture 6: Properties and variants of RSA

Lecture 7:  ESIGN, Paillier, Ong-Schnorr-Shamir

Lectures 8-11: