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I wrote my first line of code in 2014, and immediately fell in love with computer science. Now, in everything I do, I hope to grow as a person and develop my skills in the area. Recently I have been particulary linterested in the fields of security and networking. I am always looking for new opportunities that give me a chance to learn and work with things thatI am passionate about. Currently I am persuing a combined BA/MS degree in CS at Boston University,and I hope to continue this career long after I graduate.

RPG Tool

The RPG Tool in action. Links to RPG Tool page.

An object-oriented java application designed to make the player's experience less stressful. The RPG Tool will keep track of your character's items and stats. Track hp and skill bonuses, add custom magic items, and then easily save your character for the next time you're ready to play!

People playing GARP. Links to GARP page.

Developed using Phaser 3 and Node.js, aims to be a free, in-browser, roguelike, real-time multiplayer dungeon crawler. Hop on with your friends, hack and slash your way through enemies, find new and unique loot, and see how deep you can delve!

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