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Ben Usman

Hi there!

I am a PhD student in the Image and Video Computing group at Boston University advised by Prof. Kate Saenko. I did my bachelor's in applied math and physics at MIPT and master's in applied math and computer science at MIPT and Skoltech.

We are working on making domain adaptation more stable and interpretable with objective dualization, cross-domain feature disentanglement and designing new tasks and benchmarks.

List of things I'd be happy to talk about with anyone who is also interestred or just wants to learn more about any of these:
  • how art "works": game design, dramatic composition, cinematography, music theory
  • cognitive models: how human brains perceive, process and reason about structured data
  • mathematics and physics: great geometric intuitions [3blue1brown] [minutephysics]; resources to learn about new mathematical concepts [blogs]; mathematical, statistical and programming puzzles []
  • statistics: statistical learning theory, modern probabolistic programming ([pymc3], [pyro], [edward]), non-parametric statistics
  • elegant system design: meta-programming for hiding magic behind simple interfaces; new concepts and paradigms in programming languages [Nim, Rust, Pony],