To create delicate but harmonious balance of the tangibles – programmed & intangibles – unprogrammed

We try to remain as eco-friendly as possible

Generation of design that is highly area efficient and is value for money. End-users comfort, convenience & sense of space. Efficiency of user movement pattern. Visual & physical continuity of space. Relationship with context. Eco- friendly approach to design through:Natural means of climate control. Natural Light & ventilation. Selection and use of material.


To identify in detail: physical requirements. existing limitations of site & context; of time & costs. available opportunities of site & context; of aspiration of end users Superimposing all of above to generate spatial form. Interpretation, innovation & reinterpretation. Working with cost & time to identify material & technology.


Visual and spatial continuity of the different areas. Breaking complex forms into simple images; volumes into planes; opaque into transparent, etc. Simple and direct geometry; Use of textures and colours, light & shade.