Enzo Vello Marques

Enzo Vello Marques, class of 2023, Psychology major

Short Bio

Enzo grew up in Brazil in a city named Cotia in the state of Saint Paul.
After the age of 15 he moved to Boston MA. Since then he moved to a lot
of diferent places: Washington DC, Weston FL, Pittsburgh PA. He curently
studies in the University of Boston. he is bost interest in studying human
behavior and their causes related to cognition.

Activities and Interests

Rock climbing

Enzo has first learned about this sport
when he was in boston for the first time
whenever he has time he tries to go
climbing at least once a week
Coral Cliffs

Audio books

Enzo enjoys listening to audio books in his
free time. His favorite kinds of books are
fantasy books. He likes that he can read
while doing other stuff.


Enzo enjoys playing video games in his computer.
he is paticularly good at sandbox games. Terraria
is his favorite, but he has recently been into a
game named Valheim.
Steam Terraria Valheim