Vinayak Khushalani

Me! Vinayak Khushalani, Class of 2022, International Relations

Short Bio:
My name is Vinayak Khushalani and I was born in New Delhi, India. I lived there until I was 13 years old and moved to Singapore in 2013. I went to high school at the United World College of SEA and graduated in 2018. I started my college career at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA and transferred to BU in my sophmore year. I study International Relations with a focus on Economics, Business, and Politics in the European context and a minor in Business Administration.

Activities and Interests:
Photography: I have been taking photographs since I was a young boy and continue to do so today! Photography acts as a stress buster and way for me to express myself! My Photography Account
Golf: I would love to call myself a golfer, but it's a long and hard journey! I have been playing since I was young and post COVID the itch of Golf really got to me. Golf is my ideal sunday morning activity with some friends. My favorite player is Rory McIlroy but young players like Collin Morikawa are also awesome to watch! The PGA Tour
Manchester United FC: I love football (soccer in the US!) and specifically Manchester United. I have supported this club since I was 7 years old and continue to do so. I hope the rest of our year is better than the first few weeks have been! Manchester United