I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science working in the Image and Video Computing group at Boston University, advised by Professor Kate Saenko. My research lies in the field of Explainable AI for Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing models. I'm graduating in Summer 2023 and looking for full-time opportunities.

During my research internships at Adobe, I have worked on developing novel methods for making CV and NLP models more interpretable with applications in Document Understanding.

Prior to joining Boston University I have recieved my M.S.,B.S. degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Belarusian State University. During my studies there I have been doing research on Graph Theory and Semantic Segmentation for 2D and 3D Lung Imaging.

AI seminars — a page aggregating AI seminars by different research groups in the Boston area.

Project Pages

Black-box explanation of object detectors via saliency maps

RISE: Randomized Input Sampling for Explanation of Black-box Models