Weihao Qu

Welcome to my personal page:-) I’m now a 4th year PhD student of CS from Boston University working with Prof. Marco Gaboardi, I studied at University at Buffalo before moving to BU in 2019. I am very interested in type systems, static program analysis and also interested in Differential Privacy.

General Info

  • Address 111 Cummington Mall, 117A, Boston, MA


Professional Activity

I have attended the NII Shonan School on "Semantics of Effects, Resources, and Applications" in Shonan Village near Tokyo, Japan, 2017.

I have presented my poster "Relational Cost Analysis with State" within the Student Research Competition-track at POPL, LA, CA 2018

I was invited to give a talk "Relational Cost Analysis for functional-imperative Programs" within EGLPLS at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, 2019.

I presented my work on "Relational Cost Analysis for functional-imperative Programs" in the form of 20 minutes talk at ICFP, Berlin, Germany, 2019