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Wen-Jui Cheng, Class of 2021, Computer Science Major

Short Bio

Wen-Jui, who generally goes by Ray, is a Taiwanese student who grew up in Vietnam.
He currently studies Computer Science at Boston University, as he is interested
in the logic and coding process behind many modern softwares and programs,
particularly video games.

Activities and Interests

Video Games

Being the reason behind his interests in Computer Science, video games make up a significant part of Ray's childhood life, and still persists as one of the most enjoyable parts of his free time. He is especially fond of Nintendo games such as Pokemon and Animal Crossing.
  • Nintendo's Official Site
  • Drawing

    Ever since Ray picked up a crayon and drew on the wall as a kid, drawing has become an important hobby for him to express himself visually. He likes making concept designs for fictional characters, and is currently the President of BU's Illustration Narrative Collaborative club, a student organization centered around creative writing and drawing
  • Illustration Narrative Collaborative
  • Superhero Movies

    One of the few types of movies that Ray is interested in, series like the Marvel Cinematic Universe always
    has intriguing stories and stunning effects that keeps him returning to the theater (before the pandemic hit, of course).
  • Marvel's Official Site