E-mail: wonyl(at)bu(dot)edu

Department of Computer Science

Boston University 111 Cummington St. Boston, MA 02215

Choi, Wonyl

Wonyl Choi is a Ph.D. candidate at the department of Comupter Science, Boston University. He is currently working under advice of Prof. Peter Gacs. (See Curriculum Vitae)

Research Interests

Theory of Computer Science, Interacting Particle Systems, Stochastic Processes on Complex Networks. General interests in Mathematical Physics and Philosophy of Science.


Cell Segmentation-free Inference of Cell Types from in situ Transcriptomics Data

Park, J., Choi, W. et al.

Nature Communications 12.1 (2021)

Curie’s Symmetry Principle for Selection Rule of Photonic Crystal Defect Modes

Park, J., Choi, W., Song, T. and Jhe, W.

Plasmonics 13(2) (2018).


  • Current TA
    • CAS CS 237 Probability in Computing (Spring 2022)

  • Past TA
    • CAS CS 131 Combinatorial Structures (Summer I 2018)
    • CAS CS 131 Combinatorial Structures (Spring 2018)
    • CAS CS 131 Combinatorial Structures (Fall 2017)