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My first web page. This is my first web page. Thank you for coming to read it!

Here is a picture of me

Tommy Xiao, Boston University Class of 2022, majoring in Business Administration

Short Bio

I grew up in Hong Kong, and have been studying at Boston University for the past three years. I am in the Questrom School of Business concentrating in Finance and Management Information Systems. I plan on going into the consulting industry after graduation.

Activities and Interests

Experimenting with fusion cooking Watching and playing soccer Binge watching TV shows


Watching Soccer

Watching TV

I have been cooking since the age of 8. I especially like experimenting with italian- chinese fusion, and pride myself on my carbonara recipe I have been playing soccer since the age of 5. Having not taken my chance at the professional game through academies in Hong Kong, I am now simply watching soccer every week and supporting my favourite team: Manchester United Binging shows is something that I have been getting into recently. My favourite shows lie in drama and comedy. These include: Suits, The Queen's Gambit, How I Met Your Mother
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