Game Project

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2023 Game Project

TEST Preparations

The first educational app for students is coming soon!

Students in Niaosong Elementary School

Weteach 2021 Winter

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This is our first educational camp at Yunlin, Niaosong. We enjoyed a lovely and happy time with the kids!

Behind the Scenes

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Continually, we spent lots of time and effort on planning each event and activities.

What is Weteach

Hello! This is Weteach Volunteering Education Team, which takes the goal of helping kids in remote schools and deliver the pleasure of learning. We are from Taipei Wego Private High School. Since 2020, we began to start our plans and gradually expand and spread our concepts. Despite the difficulties under Covid-19, we still expect to held more summer and winter camps in the future.

Today, we have tried numerous innovative ways to continue our activity under the pandemic, and we are now turning our direction towards online activities. We expect to establish a useful website for all the kids in Taiwan, even in abroad.

About Us Purpose