Moth Orchid

Image of Moth Orchid

The Moth Orchid is a houseplant that requires a lot of patience. After blooming, the plant needs time before it can generate new flowers to bloom. In order to get the plant to bloom again, it is important to keep the plant watered enough. You can do so by submerging the entire pot in water for around 15 minutes, letting the soil suck up the water until it needs to.


Image of Croton

The tropical plant Croton has multi-colored, thick leaves. They do not like to be moved suddenly from one spot to another, as plants can feel that change. Crotons prefer regular watering, but be careful not to overwater it, or soak it, or else it will drown the plant.


Image of Tradescantia

Tradescantias are great plants for decor whether it is indoors or outside. However, they are plants that require a lot of water, where the soil should be moist at all times. The best way to water tradescantias are to place the pot in a sink or tub of water, and let the soil soak the water from the bottom.

Elephant's Ear

Image of Elephant's Ear Plant'

The Elephant's Ear plant is a tropical plant that thrives in wet areas. They make it very easy to indicate when they need water: the stalks will droop. Make sure to keep the soil damp so the stalks are always full of water, or else the weight of the leaf will drag it down and turn yellow.