Yanire Caceres Rivera

Yanire Caceres
Class of 2024
Major: Computer Science

Short Bio:

Hi, I am Yanire Caceres (Yani for short). I am from Puerto Rico
born and raised in a city called Carolina. I am studying Computer Science
here at BU.

Activities & Interests:


I love to play soccer with friends
on the beach and on fields. I have
played soccer ever since highschool
and continue to do so even though I don't
belong to any particular team. My favorite
player is Messi and he is the reason I
took an interest in soccer in the first place.


Painting is one of my passions and last
semester it was my major for the time being.
Art is still a part of my life, the only difference
is that I discovered that programming was a passion
of mine too and now with a huge major and course change
I hope to learn and find ways to incorporate my two
passions together.


Last year I began to take an interest in coding
because of my engineer friends. One of them suggested
that I look up ways to learn how to code on my own.
Since I have a Mac I found this app called Playground and
through it during winter break I started learning Swift.
Seeing how much I loved it, I decided to take one CS course
which then led me to be sure in the course path I wanted to take
and ultimately brought me to this class and others.
https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/football/first-team/players/4974/lionel-messi https://www.cfainstitute.org/ https://www.apple.com/swift/playgrounds/