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Me in Japan Yifei Zhao
class of 2022
Business Administration with MIS concentration

Short Bio:

I was born and raised up in Beijing, my home city where the history and capital lie within. Coming from China, I have been studied in U.S. about 7 years since my high school education in Long Island, NY. I am a Junior undergraduate pursuing a BSBA degree at Questrom School of Business Administration and Management, also studying towards a minor in Economics. My concentrated field of study is in information systems. With a fundamentals degree of hard skillsets and great enthusiasm towards working experience, I have been actively looking for opportunities to intern at professional business institutions. I wish to bring great values and diverse perspective to my work. Feel free to reach out to me by Email(yifeiz@bu.edu) or phone(646-866-1933).

Activities and Interests:

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In summer 2018, I was honored to intern at Bank of China's headquatered in Beijing. Here is the link to the company's offcial website:click here
I am big fan of NBA(Natiional Basketball Association) and enjoyed watching live games evenmore. Here was a photo I shot from a home game of Boston Celtics
I used to dream of becoming a beat producer and the software editor I used is Fruit Studio. It is such a great tool to produce lit music, check that out! click here