Yael S. Melul

Yael Melul, Information Systems, 2023

Short Bio

My name is Yael Melul. I was born December 15, 2000 in Caracas, Venezuela at “Clinica El Avila”. My parents are Jose Melul and Jennifer Aronov and I am the oldest of four siblings, two boys and another girl. As a kindergarten student, I attended “TipTiPot” and when I started first grade I was transferred to “Moral Y Luces”. At the age of 9, things in Venezuela were not great, so my parents decided to move to Panama City, Panama. Here, I began my studies in an international Jewish school, “Magen David Academy”. In 2018, due to personal issues, my parents decided to move to the United States, Miami, FL. For college, I decided to attend to Boston University. I am majoring in Business, concentrating in Information Systems and minoring in Hospitality Administration.

Activities and Interests

Working out:

I love to work out every morning, it helps me release endorphines and start my day with the right attitude. I mostly do weights, but once in a while I will do Cardio. My favorite time to workout is 7 am. I began working out at the age of 11. Trainer


I love cooking because I love food! I love having a yummy meal infront of me. I would rather spend some time cooking than eating a lame meal. My favorite things to cook are anything healthy or with chocolate! Not only that, but by doing my mom's recipe I feel at home. Favorite recipes


Due to major stress, one of my friends recommended me to practice yoga, and that's what I did. I try to practice yoga twice to four times a week. Whenever I do yoga, I feel a sense of release from all the anxiety and stress I carry due to many things. Not only that, but my flexibility has increased by so much! Studio