Yunan Liao

Yunan Liao

Class of 2022
Emerging Media Studies

Short Bio

My name is Yunan Liao and I'm from Guangzhou, China.

I was born in an era of rapid media technology development. My experience in digital media content production in high school led me to develop a strong interest in emerging media. With the support of my family and friends, I was able to choose my preferred major and came to Boston University a few years later.

Here at BU, I am continuing my studies in emerging media and look forward to a career in the industry after graduation.

Activities and Interests

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I love making digital short films. I have made many short films with my classmates on different genres. Some of them are thought provoking and some of them are comedies. This was a big part of what led me to the media field.

After we finish editing the film, we sometimes will upload it to New Film Studio (a Chinese online film community) to share it with other creators.

New Film Studio
I like to browse through all kinds of information on Facebook. I can see the latest updates from my friends there, and I can also see funny videos posted by some interesting people.

Facebook is usually a tool for me to pass the time.
Nobody hates Steam!

Steam has brought me countless hours of joy. Euro Truck Simulator, Grand Theft Auto, Cities: Skylines, Overcooked and other games chase away the frustration and unhappiness of life.

The Community feature on Steam even allows me to play these games with my friends and people around the world.

I have to say I love this product.

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