Yida Xin


Curriculum Vitae

Some Works I’ve Done

My research concerns building communicative AI systems that can communicate with us in natural languages.  I believe such systems are necessary for achieving AGI’s that we can trust, and in building such systems, we will inevitably need to better understand intelligence, especially human intelligence.  Currently, I am working on (a) enabling natural-language parsers to better parse sentences by using large quantities of commonsense knowledge, and (b) building cognitively inspired systems that learn to bootstrap commonsense knowledge from the physical world and from reading texts.



In August of 2019, I presented at the Workshop on Story-Enabled Intelligence at the ACS conference.


In Fall'19, I was teaching assistant for Dóra Erdős’s CS391 E1 (Foundations of Data Science).


In Fall'18, I took Margrit Betke’s CS585 A1 (Image and Video Computing).