Some Works I’ve Done

  • Link: A Personal Tribute to Patrick Henry Winston
    (Note: Very unexpectedly, I have received multiple comments from readers of this tribute since the time of my writing.  Thank you, everyone, for your inspiring and aspiring comments on Patrick and the future. @ydx2020-03-31)

  • Link: “How To Speak,” 2019
    (Note: I took very detailed notes, here, of Patrick Winston’s Feb'19 version of How to Speak.  That was my first time physically attending this annual talk, but, little did any of us know, it would turn out to be Patrick’s final talk. @ydx2019-10-28)

  • Link: K-Lines: A Theory of Memory
    (Note: Readers of Marvin Minsky’s 1979/1980 seminal paper, K-Lines: A Theory of Memory, think that, only when they read it for a 3rd time, can they begin to understand what Minsky is trying to say.  Consequently, I went back to the paper for my 5th time, and I decided that much of the difficulty is in all the pointer-style nouns and noun phrases that he uses: Sometimes, Minsky would change a noun phrase to something that is synonymous in his mind, but in doing so, he completely baffles the reader; other times, the nouns/noun phrases simply become too hairy to be kept track of, and the reader would have to go back to previous paragraphs --- but then, locating those previously mentioned nouns/noun phrases becomes a pain in the neck.  All things considered, I decided to color-code certain nouns/noun phrases in the paper.  Essentially, Minsky is trying to describe a memory system with different parts; all I did was assigning the same color to the nouns/noun phrases that refer to the same part(s) of the system.  I also did some reformatting, so the paper itself looks more modern. @ydx2019-09-28)