Zach Steinberg

Zach Steinberg
Class of 2021
Major: Management Information Systems

Short Bio

I grew up in Southern California and played sports throughout my childhood. I continued with baseball throughout high school and then decided to give it up before college.
I then went on to Boston University where I am studying management information sysytems in the Questrom School of Business.

Activities and Interests


I played baseball for 14 years. I started with t-ball and played throughout high school
and on various club and scout teams. I was debating whether or not I wanted to continue
playing into college but did not want to attend any of the schools I could have played for.

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I love to travel! Countries I hvae been to include: Panama, Israel, Italy, Thailand, Cambodia,
and Mexico. The next place I'd like to go to is South Africa and I hope to do so when Covid ends!

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Outdoor Activites

I enjoy outdoor activites such as kayaking and hiking. I also do some camping and would like to go to the Grand canyon.

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