Zimeng Chen

Zimeng Chen, Class of 2022, Biology Major

Short Bio

Hello! My name is Zimeng Chen, and I am from China. I am a junior in BU studying Biology.

Activities and Interests


I love playing Badminton with my friends and family! I have played for many years and I am also a memeber in the Badminton Club.

Here is a link to the intro of the sport Badminton

I would like to travelling around during holidays. This picture was taken at the Niagara Falls.

Here is a short intro about Niagara Falls Niagara Falls

I love reading books, and the picture shows one of my favourite book, which is written by Osamu Dazai, who is also one of my favourite Japanese writer.

Here is a link to the introduction of this book No Longer Human

I also love baking. I always try making some cookies or cakes.

Here is a link that including some recipes Recipes
Playing Piano

I have played piano for many years. It is funny to learn new songs.

Here is a link that including a introduction to the piano Piano