Zongshun Zhang 张宗舜

email: zhangzs AT bu DOT edu

Boston University Department of Computer Science 111 Cummington St Boston, MA, 02215


I am a third year CS PhD student at Boston University. My advisor is Professor Abraham Matta.
I received my BS in Computer Science from University of Minnesota, Twin City in 2019.

Research and Interests

My research interests are mainly on network and distributed systems. Currently, I am studying load balancing and scheduling containers and Pods on Kubernetes. And at the same time we are developing novel architectures for deep neural networks while taking privacy into consideration.


CS 655 - Graduate Introduction to Computer Networks. Fall 2021. Teaching Fellow.

CS 101 - Introduction to Computing. Fall 2019. Teaching Fellow.



Valeria Turina, Zongshun Zhang, Flavio Esposito, and Ibrahim Matta. Combining split and federated architectures for efficiency and privacy in deep learning. ACM CoNEXT 2020 [PDF]

Full Paper

Valeria Turina, Zongshun Zhang, Flavio Esposito, and Ibrahim Matta. Federated or Split? A Performance and Privacy Analysis of Hybrid Split and Federated Learning Architectures. IEEE CLOUD 2021

Ali Raza, Zongshun Zhang, Nabeel Akhtar, Vatche Isahagian, and Ibrahim Matta.2021. LIBRA: An Economical Hybrid Approach for Cloud Application with Strict SLAs. IEEE IC2E 2021 [PDF]