Zongshun Zhang 张宗舜

email: zhangzs AT bu DOT edu

Boston University Department of Computer Science 111 Cummington St Boston, MA, 02215


I am a first year CS PhD student at Boston University. My advisor is Professor Abraham Matta. I received my BS in Computer Science from University of Minnesota, Twin City in 2019. During my undergraduate studies, I explored ideas in distributed stream processing systems, especially Apache Flink, by studying metrics and understand the involved design decisions. I got tremendous help and advice from Professor Abhishek Chandra and Dr. Albert Jonathan. I really apreciate it!

Research and Interests

My research interests are mainly on network and distributed systems. For now I am working on studying performance of AWS EC2 and serverless platform. While I am also interested in understanding performance gain with "container-ize" operators on Kubernetes in terms of migration and scheduling.


CS 101 - Introduction to Computing. Fall 2019. Teaching Fellow. \---- Practice to convey effciently. Thanks Professor Perry Donham!----/


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