Zining Ye

Zining Ye, Class of 2023, Data Science

Short Bio

Hello! My name is Zining Ye. I grew up in Shanghai, China. I am currently studying Data Science at BU.

Activities and Interests


Traveling has been one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy traveling because I am able to experience different cultures and try different food. It takes us out of our comfort zones, and challenges us to explore the new things. During the journey, different things happen every day. We are able to meet different people who have various lifestyles. We also can see different views of the world and the nature.

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Different choices lead to different endings. If the world is like a game, then history represents the storylines for different endings. Many things happening now have a lot of similarities with what happened during the past. Reading history allows us to learn how to solve these similiar things. It also acts as a warning to warn us things that we should not do.

Link to the wikipedia page about history
Coffe Brewing

Brewing coffee is like doing an interesting and harmless experiement. The harvest location, bean roast level, brewing methods, water temperature, and extraction time all can have an impact on the final flavor. We are able to expreience the whole process of grinding coffee beans into coffee poweder and finally making the coffee we can drink. The taste can be controlled by ourselves. We can have fun while brewing coffee.

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