Tim to Keiko no kekkon-shiki no shashin

Dinner at Metro

Gloria to Irfan no shashin-shuu

Vineyard w/Eleonore, Nathalie & Laurent, 6/29 & 30/2002

Chin's Birthday BBQ, 8/3/2002

Cookout at Gloria's, 7/5/2002

Julia Chan visits the Boston area, 7/4-7/7/2002

Eleonore's Farewell Lunch, Diva, 7/11/2002

Moving Day for some from Cambridge, 7/12/2002

Party with Sabine and Daniela, 7/19/2002

Going away dinner for Nathalie et Laurent, 7/26/2002

Misa's wedding weekend, 8/17/2002

Vineyard with Claudio and Patinha, 8/25-8/27/2002

My trip to Sao Paulo, 9/20-9/26/2002

My trip to Japan and LA, 10/15-11/6/2002

Hot pot party at Vicki's, 3/1/03

In NYC with Tim, 1/04

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