Mandar Juvekar

Photo by Junis Ekmekciu

This is the homepage of Mandar Juvekar. I am a computer science PhD student at Boston University originally from Pune, India. I am being co-advised by Mark Bun and Adam Smith.

My academic interests: I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science, though my current work focuses on computational complexity, cryptography, and the interplay between the two. Some specific keywords related to my ongoing projects include: query and communication complexity, approximate degree and other complexity measures based on real polynomial approximations to Boolean functions, probabilistic proof systems, and SNARGs.

Other topics that I am interested in but have not yet had the chance to explore: derandomization and the role of randomness in computing; zero knowledge proofs; meta-complexity.
Other things I enjoy: Playing music (on a piano), listening to music, recording and producing music; making and drinking coffee; cooking; teaching; riding bikes; playing tennis.